To complement our world leading timber processing facilities, James Jones has sought to innovate and lead in areas such as UKWAS planting, design and forest management, timber harvesting and processing methodologies, modern timber haulage techniques, kiln-drying, biomass heating, sustainable drainage, carbon accounting and life cycle assessment protocols.

We can offer a wide range of advice and support on environmental issues including environmental compliance, the woodland carbon code, chain of custody and carbon accounting. We can also provide services to our supply chain partners, which include specialist training, guidance and advice on all CSR, sustainability and life cycle matters.

We are also the UK leader in wooden pallet recovery and repair services. Our life cycle assessment and environmental product declarations are able to quantify the environmental advantages of all our timber products.

Timber Sourcing

Sustainable timber supply has always been integral to the manufacture of our timber products. Consequently, all of our timber products and timber co-products are supplied as FSC® certified. Our engineered timber JJI-Joists are able to be supplied as either FSC® certified or PEFC certified.

All our timber product claims, including our pallet products, are independently verified by the Soil Association on an on-going annual basis.

Within our trade body Confor, we work closely with FSC® & PEFC to ensure any future requirements are complied with. Our chain of custody procedures enable all clients to have full traceability from source to guaranteed supply chain legality and sustainability.

We are also a Responsible Purchaser under the Timber Trade Federation’s (TTF) Responsible Purchasing Process. Consequently, all our timber sourcing and timber products are EUTR compliant, being derived from known and trusted sources.

ISO 14001:2015

Environmental legal compliance and a process of continued improvement are critical factors in the production of all our timber products.

Our ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system enables the company to target key areas to manage and quantify the impact of our business activities on the environment.

These include innovative timber planting and harvesting methods; the introduction of energy saving biomass heating systems utilising wood co-products; the continuous commitment to waste minimisation and the design of award-winning sustainable drainage systems. All of these systems and measures, combined with our knowledgeable and engaged employees, help ensure the delivery of our wood products with the smallest environmental footprint possible.

This long-term commitment to ISO 14001:2015 not only guarantees our compliance with current and forthcoming legislation, but delivers timber products with excellent and continually improving environmental credentials.


We operate a biomass plant at our Aboyne sawmill to heat our kilns, which is fuelled by our site’s co-products. This investment has reduced carbon emissions by 2,800 tonnes per annum through the substitution of approximately one million litres of gas oil.

At our Lockerbie site we collaborated with E.ON to build a dedicated system to deliver hot water from their 44MW biomass plant, which is adjacent to our site. This innovative solution heats the bank of 16 kilns on site, reducing carbon emissions by more than 8,000 tonnes per annum via the substitution of approximately three million litres of gas oil.

James Jones also operates biomass plants at Forres and Hangingshaw, which reduces our carbon footprint even further as both plants only use wood fuel that is generated on site as part of the production process.

The Group also has long term contracts to supply sawmill co-products to biomass power plant operators such as CoRDe Rothes and Iggesund Workington.

Life Cycle Assessment

One of our key sustainability elements is the use of the PAS 2050:2011 carbon reporting model, supported by Ecometrica, the UK’s leading greenhouse gas accounting and compliance specialists.

The carbon model measures our overall carbon balance, which uniquely demonstrates that the carbon captured during tree growth is greater than the carbon used to deliver, manufacture and supply our timber products.

Not only does this enable key trigger impacts to be identified and reduced, but our resulting carbon negative footprint can be applied to supply contract volumes and individual house designs, to complement client CSR requirements in a meaningful and robust manner.

We are happy to work with customers to develop bespoke CSR reports in line with their specific requirements.

During 2018, in partnership with Ricardo, we completed our Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for our JJI-Joist engineered timber products. The declaration delivers a broad range of environmental metrics and has been independently verified according to the international EPD system.

Our unique life cycle assessment capability, combined with our sustainable sourcing and ISO 14001:2015 certifications, make James Jones & Sons Ltd the UK’s most environmentally sound, large scale timber processor, and therefore the logical choice for all your timber requirements.

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